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SELECT, items.parent_id, items.title, items.is_hidden_in_menu, items.sort_order, items.href, menus.code as menu_code, menus.use_code_in_links as menu_code_in_links, as block_id, blocks.code as block_code, blocks.description, blocks.content, blocks.template, blocks.block_type, as image_id, f.disk_name as image_path FROM admin_menu_items as items LEFT JOIN admin_menus as menus ON = items.menu_id LEFT JOIN admin_text_blocks as blocks ON = items.text_block_id LEFT JOIN db_files as f ON f.master_object_id = AND f.master_object_class = 'Admin_MenuItem' AND f.field = 'image' WHERE items.is_hidden is null ORDER BY items.parent_id, items.sort_order 4 0.000552 false
SELECT * FROM events_events as ev WHERE date_status = '3' AND MONTH(ev.first_date) = '7' 5 0.003823 false
SELECT distinct(DAY(first_date)) FROM events_events as ev WHERE first_date is not null AND MONTH(first_date) = 7 AND date_status = 1 ORDER BY DAY(first_date) 30 0.000774 false
SELECT,, b.description,, b.banner_text, banner_type, as image_id, f.disk_name as image_path, b.open_in_new_window FROM banners as b LEFT JOIN banners_categories as cat on = b.category_id LEFT JOIN db_files as f on f.master_object_id = and f.master_object_class ='Banners_Banner' WHERE b.enabled = 1 AND cat.code = 'calendar-month' AND = '7' ORDER BY b.sort_order desc 0 0.000549 false
SELECT seo_settings.* FROM seo_settings ORDER BY id desc LIMIT 0, 1 1 0.000137 false
update seo_settings set individual_seo_settings = 'a:0:{}' - 0.000107 false
SELECT admin_module_settings.* FROM admin_module_settings WHERE (admin_module_settings.module_id='admin') AND (admin_module_settings.form_id='default') LIMIT 0, 1 1 0.000165 false